Best Technology Projects of 2015

Sarah Stewart

The Four Agreements

This year we did a project on the Four Agreements they are

  1. Be impeccable with your word
  2. Don’t Take Anything Personally
  3. Don’t make assumptions
  4. Always do your best
I learned that these apply to everyday life and that you should not take things personally what people say should not affect you they just say that because they did it or they are just jealous that also helps you know who your true friends are.

Also just because someone doesn't dress the same way as you or they are not as skinny as you or just even going through a tough time in their life you should never make assumptions about people.

Word Cloud

We did a word cloud about our self's a word that describes us that starts with the first letter of our name, people we trust, a word that you want to be remembered by , and who had/ has the greatest impact on our life

Toon Tastic Fairy tale

We worked with an app called Toon Tastic this app is a fairy tale maker and you can create an fairy tale you can make your own or work with a common fairy tale that has a beginning a conflict and a resolution. you follow a plot diagram and it teaches you about that to help you when you are writing a paper for your English class

Story Bird

We did a project that was to make a children's book that had a beginning, middle, and end to teach a lesson about life or to inspire. it was hard to think about a children's book that made since and all the art work went together also with creating a story that has a lesson in it as well that would tie in all together ans still make since but it was also fun doing that as well just trying to think like a kid ans what would they like a story to read that they would like

Voice Thread Story Bird

After we Finished our Story Bird assignment we added voice to our stories with voice thread to be able to narrate the story .

Thematic Stories

We had to make stories about one about a theme that we chose and the other was the theme we are Atherton taking pictures of our school and what we stand for what we are all about putting them into pictures and keeping the theme though out both stories.


We had to create a poster using Canva making an inspirational and had an inspirational theme i chose beauty that is a common topic that comes up all the time right now and being your self but no matter what people still say things and do things mean things, people just use people and still edit their photos they look what is on the out side but they don'y look at what counts no one looks on the inside and whats in your heart and if your heart is right that is what counts
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