Jerry Ross Newsletter 8-30-2019

Word Hard, Play Hard but WORK COMES FIRST!

From Ms. Linsley

Our first full week of school was filled with activities intended to help us know our students better. My support services staff and I met with each homeroom teacher to review the individualized needs of all of our students. This took two full school days, but provided invaluable information to better help our students succeed from the very start.

Today, our school counselor, Mrs. Maynor, our PBIS coach, Mrs. Pape, and I met with our 47 new students during an informal pizza party lunches. We got to know each other and listened to how our newest kiddos are adjusting after two weeks at Jerry Ross Elementary School.

During the 5th grade new student lunch, not one of the new students knew I was the principal, even though I'm on the morning announcements every day! Over the summer, all of the TV monitors were removed from our building and we have been doing announcements "old school" on the PA system. I will definitely be advocating for video streamed announcements very soon!

Have a safe 3-day weekend!

Ms. Linsley

Important ILEARN Information

ILEARN Student Reports

ILEARN student reports will be available in RDS Parent Access on Wednesday, September 4th for you to view and/or print. ILEARN was administered to students in grade 3-8 during the 2018-2019 school year.

You can access the reports by logging into RDS Parent Access and clicking on the ‘standardized test’ tab and selecting each ILEARN student report under ‘Related Documents.’

RDS Parent Access

To view an 8-minute video tutorial about the ILEARN student report, please click the link below.

A parent letter reminder will be mailed on Tuesday, September 3rd.

Note: Print copies of the Individual Student Reports will not be mailed home.

From Mrs. Maynor

Hello Parents!!

Now that we have officially started another school year, I would like to take time to provide you with info about age appropriate social behaviors. Growth occurs at every period of life. All of our lives show continuity and change as we progress through time. Currently, your child in considered to be in the “Middle Childhood” stage (ages 6-12). This is a time when children develop foundational skills for building healthy social relationships and learn roles that will prepare them for adolescence and adulthood. Some things you may see during this stage may seem alarming but are completely normal and expected.

3rd Grade

· Peer relationships become increasingly important and influential.

· Attention seeking behaviors (class clown) increase.

· Experience periods of dramatic emotion, impatience, and feeling that everyone is against them, yet are able to bounce right back to everything being fine.

· Can change often between being helpful and upbeat to being rude and selfish

· Students are very aware of their differences from one another.

· Increasing awareness of dangers in their environment and society.

· Start to feel pressures of fitting in.

· Students start to point out differences to others such as shoes, clothing, and interests.

4th Grade

· Students’ anxiety levels naturally rise due to brain changes around this age.

· Students have many more “What if?” thoughts since they can think more abstractly and start to see the world in a different way.

· More peer conflicts arise.

· Developmentally start to think about others more often and comparisons start to weigh heavily.

· Become sensitive to feedback and negative criticism.

· Desire more independence.

5th Grade

· Grouping of peers becomes more concrete.

· Isolating others and shying away from some previous friends..

· 2nd half of 5th grade tends to be more intense and big shift in physical and emotional changes begin.

· Love to help others when given an opportunity

· Become passionate about interests

· Desire independence but have childlike needs still

· Finding good structured activities to keep their body and minds busy will help with the emotional ebbs and flows of the day.

· Paranoia of others talking about them.

· Needing a sense of belonging (having outside friends not attached to school can be very helpful)

I hope this prepares you for changes that you may begin to see in your child. Remember, DON’T WORRY! These all show that your child in on the right track with their development. J

Andreanna Maynor, MS.Ed., LPSC, NCC

School Counselor

Jerry Ross Elementary

(219)663-3010 ext. 18011

“I am enough of a realist to understand that I can’t reach every child, but I am more of an optimist to get up every morning and try.”—Preston Morgan

Club Corner


"Monday Morning Mile" from 8:10-8:50 am

September -9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th

October- 7th, 21st and 28th

"Wednesday 5K Workout "- from 3:50-4:45 pm

September- 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th

October- 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd

Let's Code It Programming- Every Monday(Starting September 23rd) from 3:45-4:45

Drama Kids -Every Tuesday(Starting September 10th) from 3:45-4:45

Let's Build It Engineering- Every Wednesday( Staring September 25th) from 3:45-4:45

Chess Scholars- Every Thursday (Starting September 26th) from 3:45-4:45

From the Cafeteria

Meal Prices

Student Breakfast: $1.50 Student Lunch: $2.35 Adult Lunch: $3.40 Milk Only: $0.40

Student Accounts

You have 2 options to fund your student account.

  1. Send a cash or check (made payable to Jerry Ross Elementary Cafeteria) in a sealed envelope with "Cafeteria", the student's name and teacher.
  2. Or by using The passcode will be the same as the student ID that you will find on your RDS account.

Weekly Breakfast


100% Juice, Fruit and Milk

Served Daily

Monday- Breakfast Pizza, Breakfast Bar/Cereal

Tuesday- Pancake Wrap, French Toast Bites

Wednesday- Breakfast Sandwich, Confetti Pancakes

Thursday- Breakfast Burrito, Whole Grain Donuts

Friday- Whole Grain Muffins, Cereal/Poptart


Served Daily


Tuesday- Chicken Tenders, Mac & Cheese, Lean Green Beans, Rocket Red Peppers, Yummy Pears

Wednesday- Corn Dog, Grilled Cheese, Smiley Fries, Fresh Broccoli Florets, Golden Peaches

Thursday -Popcorn Chicken and Rice, (Oriental Sauce Optional), Tiny Tree Top Broccoli, Crispy Garden Salad, Pineapple Tidbits

Friday- Pizza Crunchers, Ravioli, Corn, Carrot Sticks, Applesauce, Roll

Upcoming Events/Dates to Remember



4th- 9:15 am Parent Volunteer Draft at Winfield (CAFE/PTO GROUP)

4th- 6-7 pm Parent Volunteer Draft at Jerry Ross (CAFE/PTO GROUP)

18th - Picture Day

24th- Half Day- Dismissal -12:14 p.m.

Important Reminders for Parents

  • During drop off in the morning, parents should only use the inner lane closest to the school building. The doors open at 8:50 a.m., but we have adult supervision at the door by 8:45 or earlier every day.
  • If you need to pick up your child from school early, you may call the office to let us know. However, we do not pull students out of class until the parent arrives. This prevents students from missing additional minutes of instruction and sitting in the office waiting. If your child and the teacher know your child is leaving early, it should take less than two minutes for your child to come to the office.
  • Parents are allowed to have lunch with their children in the cafeteria if they have filled out a background check. Also, no outside restaurant food, such as McDonald's or Pizza Hut, is allowed in the cafeteria.
  • If you would like to purchase school ice cream for your child's homeroom class for his or her birthday, please contact Mrs. Beck in the cafeteria. We do not allow baked goods or treats for birthday celebrations due to severe food allergies.

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2019-2020 Student Calendar

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* The first student day will be Tuesday, August 20.

* The 1st semester will end on Friday, January 10 and the last student day of the school year is scheduled for Friday, May 29.

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