Poem Project

By: Maria Hernandez

I Wish ..

i wish i had a lot of money

i wish i had a clear face, no acne

i wish i had my three favorite cars

i wish i had one real friend

i wish i had the chance to redecorate my room

i wish i had three baby bit-bulls

i wish i had my own place is Brooklyn


Chuck had the best

life, any 17 year old boy

could have.

Rich, good looking,

ladies, he was popular.

The only thing we wanted,

but didn't have was

the love of is father.

Drugs were his only

escape. Drinking, smoking weed,

and sleeping with different girls.

He build a strip club, to make himself

forget about his father and the

girl he loved.

From the binning everybody knew

it would always be

chuck and Blair

Blair and Chuck

They both loved each but had to much

pried to say it.

"Eight letters,

3 syllabus,

3 words."

-Chuck bass

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Free verse

I've lost so much ,

A dear friend

My new home

My purpose, My pride

And it's my fault. I can blame no one else.

I and i alone let the darkness in.

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