6th GT ILA

What's happening in Ms. Robinson's class?

What have we done so far?

The first six week have flown by, and boy have we been busy in 6th grade GT ILA! So far, we have:

  • written a personal narrative essay
  • written a Do-It-Yourself procedural
  • practiced our parts of speech
  • learned 50 Greek & Latin stems
  • completed a Three Level Analysis of our summer novel, Stargirl

What are we working on now?

  • Next week we will begin reading a novel together as a class, The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. I will be checking out copies of the book to students, so they do not have to purchase the book. We will complete some of the reading in class, but some will be assigned for homework. Please check with your child occasionally to make sure he or she is keeping up with the reading.
  • On Monday, October 21, we will begin our second unit in 6th GT ILA. We will be focusing on how stories are created, and students will have the chance to write their own fictional story. I'm excited to see what they create!
  • This Friday, October 11, students have a Stem Quiz over the 50 Greek & Latin stems we have learned so far. (We have a Stem Quiz every third Friday; encourage your child to study them!)

Need to contact Ms. Robinson?

I can be reached by e-mail at: robinsonj@friscoisd.org.

Check out my blog, www.msjrobinson.wordpress.com, to see my lesson plans, resources your child can use, a calendar with important dates on it, and more.