Ramp With Wheels

A creative invention for disabled people!

What are the uses of all the special features of this ramp?


The rubber on the bottom of the ramp prevents the ramp from sliding while someone is moving up the the ramp.

Velcro Locks

The Velcro locks assist the rubber just a little bit by helping keep the ramp in place while someone is going up it.

Folding Wheels

The wheels on the ramp are so you can move it any place in your house, so you only have to buy one ramp if you don't have a lot of money


The edges are there to help keep the wheelchair's wheels from accidentally sliding off the ramp, so nobody using it accidentally gets hurt.

No-Skid Surface

The no-skid surface puts a lot of friction between the ramp and the wheels of the wheelchair, so the chair will not slide down the ramp, and they will be able to go up easier.
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How Do I Install the Ramp?


To install the ramp, measure the width of your ramp, and using that measurement, cut out that much of your stairs. Remember, this is supposed to be not very expensive, so try to do it carefully so you won't need repairs. Then, fix up whatever needs to be fixed up. Once you have finished that, put the extra Velcro that was included with the ramp on the empty spot where the stairs were so that it will line up with the other Velcro on the ramp. Now, slide the ramp into place, and you're done!
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