Engaging with Literature

What to know about Literature

  • Helps students develop insight
  • Develops imagination, curiosity, and problem solving
  • Provides points of reference for students- connecting understand and personal experience
  • Create a library in your classroom

What makes Quality Literature?

Must have

  • Style- author's way of writing
  • Point of View- how the narrator tells the story
  • Setting - when and where does the story take place
  • Character(s)- who is in the story
  • Plot- action of the story, has a beginning, rising action, climax, and resolution
  • Theme- central idea of the whole story

Genre's of Literature

  • Traditional Literature- heritage of humankind.
  1. ex- Little Red Riding Hood
  • Poetry- condensed language, imagery, expression of imaginative thoughts and perceptions.
  1. ex- A Light in the Attic
  • Fantasy- make believe stories
  1. ex- Phantom Tollbooth
  • Science Fiction- stories of what might happen in the future.
  1. ex- The Giver
  • Realistic Fiction- "What if" stories
  1. ex- Yolanda's Genius
  • Historical Fiction- Set in the past/ events of the past
  1. ex- Little House on the Prairie
  • Biography- account of a person's life
  1. ex- Lincoln: A Photobiography
  • Informational- facts about the real world
  1. ex- animals or plants
  • Picture Books
  1. ex- Where the Wild Things Are

How Children Learn!

They all
  • Learn and make unique connections
  • Bring background knowledge
  • Interpret the reading differently

  • Children need to be engaged in the book.
  • Have motivation to read


  • Students will pick books based off of their interest and ability
  • We cannot force a book on a child
  • Making a choice positively affects a child's educational development

  • Provide students time to read independently

Ways to Teach Literature

  • Storytelling
  • Read Aloud's
  • Think Aloud
  • Reflection Books
  • Book Clubs
  • Reading Circles
  • Integration across Curriculum

What to do at Home?

  • Read with kids!
  1. Have them read to you and you read to them!
  • Make reading fun
  1. Don't push it on your children
  • Find books that children are interested in/ can read.
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