Inquiry R.I.C.E

with Ruby, Milena and Sarah

Rest- Milena

Rest for the first 24-48 hours or 1-2 days after the injury is considered a critical treatment period and activities need to be curtailed.It is good to try and avoid activities that cause any pain. Often using a sling, or crutches is necessary to meet the need of your pain, rest the injured body part.

Ice- Sarah

Get the ice on quickly!! Icing is most effective when an injury has just occurred. The effect of icing decreases swelling and pain significantly after about 48 hours. If this does not happen the blood will come to try mend the injury ,yet making it worse, this is how swelling develops. Ice should never be applied to bare skin.To avoid this rap the ice pack/frozen peas etc. in a tea towel or other material. The difference between when you use ice or heat is: ice is for a sprain or soft tissue injury, heat is more for aches and pains.

Compression- Ruby

Compression is when you put pressure on your injury but you need to put the appropriate amount of pressure to prevent further injury. At the same time you can not, not move it otherwise it will become stiff and more problematic.

Elevation- Everyone

Keep the injury above or in line with your heart so the blood flows through, this will reduce swelling, promote flexibility healing the affected area in a short period of time, to get you back up on your feet and moving pain free faster whether its netball rugby hockey and so on.

To get back to what you were doing and to treat the injury effectively R.I.C.E is a great method to use.