Fever: 1793

By Laurie Halse Anderson


Fever is about a 14-Year-Old girl named Mattilda Cook who lives in a coffee house with her mom and grand-father. She helps run the Cook Coffehouse, as it is known, with her mother and her African-American servan,t Eliza. Mattie is living in Philadelhia in the year 1793. Everything is good until there is a Yellow Fever epidemic. Mattie has to try to survive and escape this horrible event.

Book Review

I liked this book because it's suspensful and juicy. For example, one of the chapters ended when Mattie passes out on the side of the road. Another example is when two theives broke into the coffehouse, you were at the edge of your seat because one had a sword and the other was hitting Mattie. I reccomend this book to anyone because it was just so good and had so many cliff-hangers.

Book Details

Character Analisys: Matilda Cook

In Fever: 1793 Mattie changed a lot.She went from a lazy teenager to a hard working young woman. At the beginnig of the book Mattie would over sleep and slack off. Then at the end of the book she was adding a new floor, extending, and running the coffehouse. The above evidence is important because it discusses how Mattilda Cook grew throughout the book.

Five Story Elements


The conflict in the story is Matilda Cook trying to survive the Yellow Fever epidemict.


The setting is Philadelphia in the year 1793.


The crisis is when Matilda has to choose whether to go to the countryside or stay in the city.


The climax is when Mattie goes back to the coffee house and decides to stay in the city.


The resolution is when the fever ends, everyone , including Lucile, comes home.

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