Career Change Infographic

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Why Change Careers

There are many different reasons as to why one would change careers. You possibly could have not planed on that career and fell into it. You could have developed an interest in another field, or maybe you were just unhappy with the job you fell into. ( 5 reasons to consider changing careers )


If your not sure when to leave your job these may help.

- You may be constantly stresses or negative at work

- Your work related stress is affecting your physical health

- You feel like you don't fit in

- Your work performance is suffering

- Or your skills are not being shown

( leaving your job )

What to do When Changing Careers

To change a career you must be focused and committed to the change. You should start with research to identify expanding industries. Set goals and decide on steps you need to take to make the career change. Once you've done your research and decided on a career change you are interested in determine all the skills you need to qualify for that job. Cover letters are also acceptable for career changes. ( how to change careers )

How to Bounce back

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Do's and dont's of getting laid off

DON'T PANIC OR SCREAM: Losing your job may stressful, but you must not panic and focus on your next steps. You won't be able to move forward without an open mind and clearing your head.

DO: Try to accept the situation you are in. Begin with rethinking your priorities. It can be tough to lose your job but the important thing you need to know, is that you must automatically start planning. ( unemployed? )

How to survive a layoff

If this is your first layoff and you have no idea what to do next maybe ask unemployment questions such as; Do I qualify for unemployment? Can I get unemployment if I was fired? Or do I qualify for unemployment when collecting social security. Before you leave your job you should find out what benefit you qualify for. Asking questions is a good way to tell. ( how can you survive a layoff )

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