Solar Panels

By : Chase,colby,and Logan

How does NASA use it?? They use it in spacecrafts... It is connected by solar cells..

How do they help us in everyday life?? solar energy is a renewable energy source that provides power without producing greenhouse gases.. The cost of making power from the sunlight has been steadily decreasing , leading to many uses that effect you in your daily life...

You often see solar panels on top of buildings.. They are very reliable... solar panels can be a lot of money sometimes.. It is a nonrenewable resource, It is like oil when u use it u cant use it again... The U.S and the world need to find new resources of clean energy... Space Power gathers energy from sunlight in space and transmits it wirelessly to earth... space solar power can solve our energy and greenhouses gas emissions problems not just help not just take a step in the right direction but solve space solar power can provide large quantities of energy to each and every person on earth with very little environmental impact

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