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Childhood & adulthood

    • Jesus experienced a natural maturing similar to any growing boy, but he was especially endowed with God’s spirit and grace from birth so that he was far advanced beyond other 12 year old's when it came to grasping the word of God and spiritual principles.
    • The primary reason for Jesus’ earthly life was “ To seek and to save that which was lost.”(Luke 19:10)
    • He was truly human and truly divine, and as a human, he lived the same kind of life as all humans live; he was born, had parents, he went to school, he played a musical instrument, and as a young adult he traveled the world.

    How Jesus changed the World

    • He died on the cross so that everyone who accepted Christ as their savior could have a second life in Heaven
    • No other great leader has inspired so many positive changes in the lives of his followers.