Mage's Burden

Book 1 of the Fire of the Jidaan Trilogy BY: Whit McClendon

A book that you wont want to put down ever

Mage's Burden is a great book that is about people with "Magick" swirling inside of them with the destiny of following the old guardian's Footsteps, Each one of them have their own unique powers like the gift of gates, the gift of healing, the gift of strength, There was 6 guardians before with shining weapons swirling with a greater "Magick" then ever seen before, All but one accepts their fate so gratefully and when the time comes they might need that one who denied his destiny for his family only to have all of his family and his village taken away from him by Mordark, A evil that was trapped into 2,000 years of waiting for his next rising can the newly chosen guardian's save the world or let it perish beneath demon feet?

You will feel like your there watching what happened to let out Mordark out of the prison, which had held him for over 2000 years and release his wrath upon everyone in each village he sees and or turn them into demon slaves, what will happen to Mordark if the Guardians finally beat him in the 2nd showdown, lets just hope that the Guardians are ready for this next Showdown..

This book was made in 2014 by Whit McClendon

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