The Career-Changers Guide

By: Eli Hunefeld

Considering a Change: Exploring Your Options

The First thing you can do when considering a change, is to find out what you really want in a career in the future.

When looking for other jobs, DO NOT leave your current job.

Keep it a secret amongst your workplace so that no one holds grudges.

Consider all your options before choosing a new job. This way you don't have to find another one.

Developing a Plan: Mapping Your Moves

Once you find a place you want to move to, make sure that you give your current employer at least a 2 week notice.

Be Flexible! Have a flexible schedule so that you can meet with possible employers whenever is good for them.

Whenever getting an interview, do not schedule it during your current work hours. Schedule the new interview when you are off of work.

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Making the Change: Burning No Bridges

Do not say anything that you might regret to your old employer when leaving. This could cause the past and future employers to stay in contact with each other and possible tell them not to hire you.
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Beginning the New Journey: Showcasing Your Experience

Start your new job with the intension of staying there and excelling in their workplace.


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