Diamond's Bakery

Sell's and makes any type of treats

Diamond's Shop sells the best treat's in the town.

*Diamond's Bakery has any other kind of bakery treat you can think about and it's really at low price. If you go to any other bakery you might not find what you are looking for but Diamond's sell's all types of treats and there really yummy in for your tummy. And even if we don't have your treat that you are looking for we will be happy to make it for you we always make are customers feel welcome!!!!!! Like are motto say " Life Is Sweet, So Eat More Sweets"

Our awesome cakes, cupcakes,cookies, and many more!!!

Come to Diamond's Bakery

We also make cakes and cupcakes plus treats for birthday, annual events, anniversary's, or any types of other events.

Monday:1-8 pm

Tuesday:1-10 pm
Wednesday:1-10 pm
Thursday: 11-5 pm

Friday:12-9 pm



By:Diamond Rinehardt