Indian Creek PK News

September 14-September 18

Classroom News

We are still in our first unit -Taking Care of Me. Part of taking care of oneself is dealing with our emotions. This week we will be discussing our feelings, such as happy, sad, grumpy, mad,mean and afraid. As parents we know it is sometimes difficult for young children to discuss and deal with some of these feelings. We will be using our 2nd Step program which was designed to help young children with dealing with feeling and social emotional skills.

We will be reading books that concern feelings:

  • Today I Feel Silly and Other Moods That Make My Day by Jamie Lee Curtis
  • Llama Llama Time to Share by Anna Dewdney
  • Llama Llama Mad at Mama by Anna Dewdney
  • The Way I Feel by Janan Cain
  • How Do Dinosaurs Say I'm Mad by Jane Yolen
  • The Monster Who Lost His Mean by Tiffany Strelitz Haber

Entering the Building

For safety reasons -no parent is allowed to enter the build through our PK door. The only way you can enter the building is through the office. The office staff will ask for your drivers license and use our safety system to scan your drivers license. Then you are welcome to enter our classroom or cafeteria through the office.

During drop off we ask that you stay in your car and let the teachers help your child come into the building. We want to foster independence for your children- walking into the building is a task that they can do by themselves.

If you need to speak to the teachers please e-mail or schedule an appointment. We want your input about child's education and concerns . During arrival and dismissal may not be the best time to speak to us because our focus is your child safety.

The Library

This week we will be taking our students to the Indian Creek Library. When students go to the library they will listen to story read by Ms. Russell. Afterwards, they will get to check out 1 book. This book will be in a special plastic bag to protect it and it will come home. Please take a moment to read this book with your child. Reading with your child is very important at this stage in their life. As a parent you are responsible for your child's book. Should the book become lost or damaged we will be asking you to pay for the replacement.

A Rainbow of PK

Thank you for supporting us as we try to make learning our colors fun. We have had students wearing the color of the day. This has made learning fun- students have been able to tell their teachers if they are wearing a specific color and even name the article of clothing that they were wearing that had the color of the day. We will continue dressing in a different colors each day for the next couple of weeks. This is to give our student a better understanding of the color, makes it real to them and best of all it is fun. Please if you can dress your child in the color of the day. If you don't have an item of clothing to match for that day it is fine. We do not want you to go out and buy something for one day.

Here is the schedule of colors.

September 14-Orange

September 15-Black

September 16-Brown

September 17-Purple

September 18-Pink

September 21-White

September 22-Gray

September 23-Rainbow Day

Just to let you know the teachers will be dressing in the color of the day too!

Mac The Fox

We are starting a new class routine. Each week we will choose one family to receive our PK mascot- MAC the Fox.

MAC the Fox will come home with your child for 1 week. We will send MAC home on Monday and your child will return him on Friday.

There is a notebook in the backpack with the fox. Please take the fox on a simple adventure then photograph it, draw or write about the experience. We have already started the journals with our weekend with the fox as an examples.

This is suppose to be a fun family activity. Please keep our fox safe. Your child will share their time with the fox on Friday in a whole group time.

For Our Whole Day Parents


We need your assistance with lunch boxes. We need to have your child's two meals CLEARLY marked. On the container write BREAKFAST and LUNCH.

Please wash nap time blankets and return to school on Monday. There is nothing like napping on clean fresh bedding.

Dismissal in the Little Horseshoe Drive Way

Have you noticed we are getting faster? As all the parents and students learn about dismissal, we are getting faster. Inclement weather will slow us down again. We will keep your children under the edge of the building. Therefore, it will take us a few seconds longer walking your children to your cars. Please be patient and keep to our dismissal routine.

Once again,we are trying to keep things safe for everyone around the school. The newest change will require your to stay in one line. This will mean waiting in line with kindergarten and 1st grade parents until you reach our horseshoe driveway. Please do not do a double line and cross over the center line to move into our small horse shoe driveway. Our goal is first and foremost is to keep your children safe. Please have your car tag hanging off the inside car mirror. Secondly make only one line closest to the preK playground. If you park next to the street we will not place your child in the car. Most of all please stay in your car. This is a moving line, if you need to please pull up and move out of line to buckle your child. If you have parked please do not remove your children from our line. We need to know who has them. Once again it is a matter of keeping your children safe.

Meal Time Accounts

The cafe at our school is not free. They do not allow children to carry low or negative balances. We, as teachers do not know the status of your accounts. We highly recommend putting a low balance alert on your child's account. This alert will be an e-mail to notify you when it is time to add money to your child's account. We want to make sure every child has food-either have your child bring a lunch from home, send money in a label envelope/baggie or set up an account for them. Here is the website for creating an account and it answers many of the questions about hot meals from our cafe.

You will need your students id number. If you don't have that already please email your teacher and they will be happy to give it to you.

If you have applied for free or reduced lunch please know it could take a few weeks to get that status established on your account. Your child may end up with a balance that you will need to pay.

Label Label Label

This last week we have had items lost and relocated. The biggest help to us is labeling everything you send to school. Backpacks and Lunch kits need names on them. As the weather changes label sweaters, sweat shirt and raincoats.

Teacher Contact Information

Mrs. Rosalind Freedenberg

AM/PM Half Day Pre-Kindergarten

Office 469-713-5180


For Text Messaging please e-mail teacher for instructions

Twitter Handle @Rfreedenberg

Mrs. Heather Castillo

Whole Day Pre-Kindergarten

Office 469-713-5180


Ms. Jordan Hurley

PPCD Teacher

Office 469-713-5180