1:1 IFS-Informed EMDR Consultation

Deepen your integration of these models.

  • Opportunity to personalize the IFS Interweave.
  • Refine and inform your EMDR practice with IFS (& Coherence Therapy [Memory Reconsolidation]).
  • Videoconferencing platform that supports screen-sharing of session video clips, and powerpoint slides used in teaching the IFS-Informed EMDR workshop.
  • Not for EMDR certification.
Bruce Hersey, LCSW

Consultant & Supervisor in IFS, EMDRIA, ASCH, AASECT


Most of my consultation takes place via Zoom, an internet video conferencing platform. You can download the app to your device; laptop, tablet, or phone. Phone consultation is also available as an alternative, and a backup if video service is disrupted.

This consultation is collaboratively framed to meet your individual needs. You may use it for addressing case issues, conceptual questions, or working with therapist parts that come up in your work. It can be didactic teaching, case conceptualization, problem-solving, role-playing or anything it needs to be for your advancement.

Everyone arrives at the intersection of these models with their own perspective following their own path, with varying amounts of training and experience in each model.

We will build on your strengths as we unify and consolidate your combined practice of EMDR & IFS to facilitate skillful & fluid application.

How to sign up:

  • Complete Registration Form at button above.
  • Contact Bruce by email or phone +1(814) 944-3852 to discuss your professional objectives and make arrangements.
  • use PayPal link at www.brucehersey.com or mail check for payment at time of session.