Indus Culture

By Kate, Max, & Jason

Culture Intro

Culture is the aspects of life in a civilization. Culture helps people all be different in many ways. We have culture for some certain reasons, we have culture so everyone can be unique, we also have culture so everyone has a right to express their minds in a creative way. Culture helps people know who they really are, especially compared to other people. Many things impact culture. For example, religion impacts culture because it controls daily life and it gives you a feel of what the daily life was like. In other words religion explains the belief which affects a big part of culture. Writing also affected culture, because writing impacted the trading, government and the religious works. Importantly architecture impacted culture because it let people receive unique houses, temples, and cities. innovations impacted culture because they made religious and cultural items. Lastly achievements improved culture because they made life easier for the people and by achieving goals you get more advance items and public works. Overall culture impacts a lot in a civilization.

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Culture Concluesion