Cold War: Superpowers Face Off

By Caleb, Patrick, Lee, Keydra, and Mickayla

Allies Become Enemies

The United States was upset that Joseph Stalin had signed a non aggression pact with Germany, A group of countries meet up for the Yalta conference. There they agreed to divide Germany into zones of occupation controlled by the Allied military forces.

Germany also had to pay the Soviet Union to compensate for its loss of life and property. In June of 1945, the United States and the Soviet Union temporarily set aside their differences. They joined 48 other countries in forming the United Nations. An 11-member body called the Security Council had the real power to investigate and settle disputes. Despite agreement at Yalta and their presence on the Security Council, the United States and the Soviet Union split after the war.

Eastern Europe's Iron Curtain

  • Easter Europe’s Iron Curtain

    • One of the main goals of the Soviet Union was to guard itself from another invasion in the west. History had taught them to be fearful of invasion, considering they were invaded by Germany in both World Wars, and by Napoleon in the 19th century.

    • Soviets build a buffer

      • After WWII, Soviet troops occupied a strip of countries along their own western border. Stalin saw these as a buffer to protect from invasion. He secured a Communist government across the countries of Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Poland, and Yugoslavia. In July 1945, Harry S. Truman, Winston Churchill, and Stalin met at Potsdam, Germany to discuss these countries. Truman pressed Stalin to allow free elections in Eastern Europe. He refused and stated that Communism and Capitalism could not exist in the same world.

    • An Iron Curtain Divides East and West

      • Europe had been split between the two different governments, the Soviets with Communism, and Western Europe which has mostly democratic governments.

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  • US and Soviet relations continued to worsen in 1946 and 1947

  • President Truman adopted a Foreign policy called contain me

  • It was made to prevent the expansion of communism and Soviet influence

  • The Truman Doctrine was like a reward for the countries that rejected

Creation of the United Nations

  • 48 countries joined the United Nations

  • United Nations was created in order to protect the members against aggression

  • The new peacekeeping organization established a large body called the General Assembly

  • There are five permanent members, Britain, China, France, The United States, and the Soviet Union

Differing U.S. and Soviet Goal

  • The United States was the world's richest and most powerful country , suffered 400,000 deaths.

  • The Soviets had at least 50 times as many fatalities

Why Did the Cold War Begin?

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