The Five People You Meet In Heaven

Written by Mitch Albom

An enchanting, beautifully crafted novel that explores a mystery only heaven can unfold

It first starts with the main character Eddie dying at the amusement park named Ruby Pier. It was his eighty third birthday when cart No.2 from Freddy's Free Fall fell and landed on him as he was running to save a little girl. Eddie was a veteran. After his leg got shot during war, he worked as the maintenance guy at the pier until his death. After Eddie's death, he wakes up and finds himself at the Ruby Pier of his childhood. While hes there he meets a man with blue colored skin. The blue man is the first person Eddie meets in heaven. The man teaches him the lesson that there are no random acts and that we are all connected. After that, Eddie meets four more people, with four more lessons.

The lessons Eddie learns from each person

  1. The blue Man- That there are no random acts, we are all connected.
  2. The Captain - No one dies for nothing. When you sacrifice something precious, you gain something.
  3. Ruby- Anger is self-destructive and he must forgive.
  4. Marguerite- Lost love is still love
  5. Tala- Eddie's life had purpose. One of which he kept the children safe at Ruby Pier


The setting through the book was very important. At first he started at ruby Pier, and while Eddie met with each of the five people, Eddie traveled. At first he met the blue man and there was a flash back to when Eddie was a kid. It was Eddie running out into the street chasing after a ball. At that moment he almost got hit by a car. It was the blue mans car. Eddie caused the blue man to have a heart attack and die. Next when he meets the captain, there is a flash back to when he fought in the war. His captain tells him that he was the one that shot Eddies leg, so he wouldn't get burned. The third person was Ruby. He meets her near a dinner and he finds his father. Ruby takes him to his old kitchen to see his fathers friend Mickey Shea attempting to assault his mother. After that, its the fourth person. Marguerite was Eddie's wife. They reunite in heaven.Then there's the last person, Tala. Again like before he has a flash back of being in the war. Then after the flash back she tells him that he burned her and together they went into the river and he slowly rubbed a stone her body to loosen the scars she had from being burned.


There are many themes that can be contributed to this book. Two important ones are flash backs and visualization of the scenes. One important example of flash backs, was his birthday every year with Eddie getting older in each chapter. It started in the beginning of the book when he was born. Then after that was his eighty third birthday. Visualization is also important because throughout the book, Mitch Albom explains the text with such fine details that you picture every scene in your head. For example in the beginning after Eddie dies when he explains his childhood Ruby Pier and What it looked like. Another is when Eddie talks about the war. When Eddie is hearing the noises and watching everything around him.
The Five People You Meet In Heaven