Best Schools In Texas: Jan. Edition

Hillsboro Intermediate School

The Reason

"They are a great little school and have very many great qualities. I talked to some students about what they loved and they all said teachers, administrators, and staff. They also said that they always work their hardest when motivated to have fun. The teachers make learning seem fun and have devoted their lives to helping the students," our director, Grace Wood said after her visit. "I love my school because, the teachers are fun and motivating and we get to do hands-on learning and things with technology," 5th grader Vivian Smith said to Grace. "I then knew after talking with Vivian that this school would win this award," Grace told us.

Grace Wood's Words

Interesting Reading Teacher: Mrs. Stephens

A fifth grade reading teacher is definitely getting the award for Teacher of the Year. She has great and creative ideas. She is the teacher that teaches the Accelerated class. Recently they did a debate about the Emancipation Proclamation. The students acted like Lincoln's advisers and began debating whether or whether not they should abolish slavery. It was a great privilege getting to be informed about that time in their learning experience. She has definitely been a great influence on the kids! Thank you Mrs. Stephens for your hard work!!!
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GATE Field Trip from Last Year

Last years GATE students go to Waco Mammoth Site