Jamie Loomie


You are a slave. To no surprise, you have found the courage and attempt your escape of this "peculiar institution" such as many other "blackies" like yourself. The countless floggings by your overseer has taken its toll or your sanity, and knowing rebellion isnt an option, from the aftermath of rebellions of those such as Denmark Vesey and Nat Turner, you hope for a chance for a peaceful escape.

So you've escaped. Now what. Your first goal should be to figure out which way is North, and escape the Black Belt once and for all. Locating the big and little dipper to help find the North Star is a trick used by travelers for centuries. Following this star will take you north and always give you a general idea of where you're headed. On cloudy nights, refer to the moss growing on the trees. Typically, the moss will grow on the northern side of the trees. Follow the signs given to you by nature and you should be fine.

Your next priority is keeping safe. Avoiding slave catchers and dogs can be difficult, considering the rewards they receive if they catch you. Traps will be set throughout your travels by slave catchers, so watch yourself. While a dogs tracking abilities are impressive, a dog can't follow scents in water, so traveling along rivers and other bodies of water will help mask you.

Following these simple tools for survival, make your way to the little town of Ironton, Ohio, this will be your first safe stop.

In Ironton lies the first one of the many trails allowing you to find refuge in the Underground Railroad. This route will safely transport you up through Columbus and across the Great Lake and into Canada where you can officially appreciate your newly found safety. Stationmasters and conductors will work to protect you along your journey, allowing you to hide in there homes from slave catchers and helping safely carry you between safe houses in there wagons.