The secrets behind the disaster-written by Joseph Price

What side did the Titanic hit and how?

on the fateful night of April 14th the ill fated ship hit the iceberg but on what side. this is such an easy question as the sound but do you know. it got hit on the starboard side at the front most bottom part of the ship at the boiler rooms


Nobody knows for sure where the iceberg is but the middle picture below shows what could be the iceberg taken by the ss prinz Adalbert a german patrol ship. this information was found on

How far away was the Titanic from the iceberg when it sank?

A lot of people think that the titanic still went on after the collision which it did but only about 1/4 a mile away. the titanic sank right next to that iceberg almost and in most paintings of the sinking the iceberg should be present.


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Exactly how big was the Titanic?

the Titanic was the biggest ocean liner of its time. Compared to todays ships though it was tiny. None the less it was about 3 football fields long or about 300 yards long. its height was as much as 175 feet from keel to steam funnels. that is about 3/4 as tall as an office building in new York almost.