The Beatles

By: Quinn Proctor

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How did this musical artist or group change Rock and Roll/Rhythm and Blues forever? ­What components of this group made them so appealing in the 1950s, 1960s, or 1970s?

They had a unique style of rock and roll that had them gain popularity. They were one of the first bands to have large stadium concerts, so they had many fans. They appeared on popular tv shows and even played songs on tv live. They were a very tight not group and were popular for their bond and unity. John was typecast as the clever, intellectual one; Paul, the romantic charmer; George, quiet and mysterious; and Ringo, the easygoing goof. They’d been tested by adversity, and together they reached a level of success that was so extraordinary and improbable that they soon began suffocating under its weight, at which point they began forging an even tighter bond: the special camaraderie that came from being the only ones on the planet who truly knew, firsthand, what it was like to be a Beatle. As a result, their inner circle became virtually impenetrable. “They became the closest friends I’d ever had,” Ringo later said about the others. “We really looked out for each other and we had many laughs together. In the old days we’d have the hugest hotel suites, the whole floor of a hotel, and the four of us would end up in the bathroom, just to be with each other.”

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Summarize the Roots of Rock “n” roll/Rhythm and Blues.

It started out as blues, and many popular singers got rhythm from black blues singers and added a different tempo to it. This new style of beat, tempo, and rhythm eventually lead to rock and roll.

Today, what makes this musical artist or group still popular?

They were super popular at the time, and their unique style of music and singing has remained popular now. Their bond and talent was a marking point for rock, music, and culture. They affected so many people, and their impact has lasted throughout the years.

What are some of their top songs?

Hey Jude, A Day in the Life, Let it Be, Yesterday.


October 5, 1962

The group released their first single, Love Me Do. Epstein reportedly buys 10,000 copies to ensure it a place in the top 20.

February 16, 1963

Please Please Me becomes the Beatles' first number one single in England

February 9, 1964

Their performance on America's Ed Sullivan show is seen by an estimated 73m people.

October 16, 1965

The Beatles receive the MBE (Members of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) awards from Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace.

June 25, 1967

The band performs All You Need Is Love on the live television show Our World. It is the first time a program has ever been broadcast live around the world; about 400m people watch the show.