Art Room Safety

Learn here about safe ways to use clay.

general art safety

1.Keep your work space clean

2.Be kind and think of others

3.Keep materials at your work station and off the floor

4.Point sharp objects away from your body and other people bodies

paint materials and tools


  • A variety of paints brushes
  • A pallet
  • Paint
  • Newspaper to cover your work area
  • Paper towels
  • Soap to clean your hands and tools
  • A water dish and clean water in it
  • Paper watercolor paper canvas or your 3-D object you will be painting


The way these things help me is I know when and what to use i don't want to use the wrong tool and get hurt thinking it was a different tool.It helps us know not to abuses what we have in are disposal by playing with the tools and hurting are self


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