Green Movement

Is all the money and time worth it?

What is the Green Movement?

Green movement supports a friendly environment and does actions to help keep the earth earth and get people aware of our environment. The green movement helps keep the water clean, the air less polluted, and protect forests, plant life, and animals. We celebrated the first earth day April 22, 1970. Earth day really got people aware of the earth and that's when people started to take action and to "go green". Many consumers now demand of making there products green and environment friendly. They do that by reducing their carbon foot prints and uses earths natural resources. Some crisis say the green life does not help because there isn't a formal definition for what is green.

Pros and Cons


  • saves the earth: as humans we have damaged some of the wildlife such as plants, animals, and forests. The green movement is here to save the earth by taking action.
  • heathiler: by eating more orangic and less processed things it is more healthier for you and better for the eniviroment because youre using earths natural rescources.
  • save energy: by going green you can save energy because you are using earths natural rescources and uses less energy.
  • less pollution: by go green you can help clean the air by using more of earths natural rescources and less chemicals and gasses that will pollute our air
  • protect our wildlife: The green movement takes action to protect our wildlife and our forests.

Created by: Julia Karczewski


  • not alot of people are going "green": With only few people going green it isn't making a huge impact on our environment
  • cost: by going green it cost alot of money, although most green products are produced to help you save money, but it cost alot of money installing, also buying orangic food is alot more expensive.
  • time: by going green it does sometimes take extra time , for example if you don't live close to a store which has orangic food you would have to travel far which would take alot of time and also if you're going a garden, that will take alot of time.
  • effort: going green does take extra effort, for example growing a garden that takes extra effort, then just going to the store and buying food.
  • change old habits: alot of people don't like to change their daily habits, so its hard for some peolpe to change the daily routine/lifestyle and make it more green.
Environmental Tips - How to Go Green

This video shows...

THis video shows how we can go green and if we don't go green what will happen. In the video it said the USA produces 220 million tons of garbage each year. Going green will help reduce the amount of garbage and save our earth. The video helps us learn easy way to go green and save our environment.