My Introduction

By: Quinlan Batcheller

About Me

I am the oldest of 3 siblings, my 2 sisters are Mina and Cora and my brother's name is Broen. I enjoy reading, running, and I am also a 1st degree black-belt in taekwondo and I also help instruct many karate classes. I am currently working on trying to become a certified instructor and trying to get straight A's this semester.

My Interests

I love to go to karate and I also enjoy reading. My favorite animals are dogs and birds also my favorite color is blue. My favorite genre of book is fiction and my favorite type of book is action and suspense. I like all of my classes except for my math classes.

More About My Family

I am the oldest of 3 siblings, Mina, Cora, and Broen, my parents names are Nicki and David, I also have a 120 pound Anatolian shepherd that we adopted named Vegas.

My Goals

My goals for this semester are to get straight A's the semester, start volunteering more at karate, and to get more studying done. I also want to start reading more at home to help improve my vocabulary. I also want to start reading more Non-Fiction books in my free time. My favorite book I have read would probably have to be The Hunger Games.