MacArthur 4K News

February 1st, 2016

This Week in 4K:

  • We will be doing another Nursery Rhyme, Mary Had a Little Lamb, this week. We have a chart that we will be reading each day during our circle time so that we get to know the words really well. We will be doing a project to go with the nursery rhyme.
  • We will be reading and coloring a paper book that will go home on Thursday in the book bags. Please return the book in the bag next week.
  • PALS testing is just about finished and I will send the reports home with your child by the end of the week. Please look over the reports and let me know if you have questions. I am getting some bags ready with some activities on rhyming and beginning sounds for the students to practice at home. If you need ideas on how to work on any literacy skills (letter recognition, letter sounds, rhyming, etc.), I would be happy to share ideas or activities.
  • We will be doing many activities over the next few weeks with rhyming words.

Upcoming Dates...

  • Library Monday - iPads; Lending Library Checkout
  • Penny War - Thank you everyone for all the coins and dollars for the Penny War! The kids were so excited to add their money in the bag. We collected $70.44 in the morning class and $61.28 in the afternoon. As a whole school, $844 was collected!
  • Valentine's Day - If you would like to have your child bring Valentine's, please have them write just their name on each of the cards. It is easier for them to pass out that way. There are 19 students in the morning and 16 in the afternoon.
  • The Winter Carnival at MacArthur is on Thursday, February 18th from 5-7. We are still collecting sports-themed items for our basket. Thank you for your donations thus far!

Books We Are Reading This Week:

You Can Do it Sam by Amy Hest

Kiss Goodnight Sam by Amy Hest

You Can Swim Baby Duck by Amy Hest

Songs We Learned This Week:

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Let's Go To The Zoo


You are welcome to send a treat or healthy snack with your child on their birthday. We have 19 students in the morning and 16 in the afternoon.