What a little birdie told us

week of September 16, 2013

"I know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, can you ever just be whelmed?"

This quote from the movie 10 Things I Hate About You, pops in my head probably 90% of the time I hear the word overwhelmed. This time of year is it easy to get overwhelmed, getting back in the flow of school, possibly working, helping with siblings, etc... How do we avoid being overwhelmed? {This is as much for me as it is for you}
  • Take a deep breath and relax- you have a whole team here to support you.
  • Make a list- having a to-do list each day helps you stay focused and on task (no Minecraft until the list is done)
  • Phone a teacher or advisor- We love to talk to our students and we want to help you! That is why we are in education. :)

The importance of SCANTRON......

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11th and 12th graders......

When your OGT invitation comes, you will also be getting a trip to the ISLAND! Study Island, that it is! This is where you will strengthen your skills so you can ROCK the OGT's! Study island is HERE for YOU!

How to get to the ISLAND?

go to

Username: YOUR STUDENT ID@ohva

Password: ohva

If you need your student ID, please call or kmail your advisor!


Mark your Calendars....Support = Success

The week of September 23....

Meet OHVA staff face to face to support you and answer your questions!

Many locations throughout the state! Check the link below for a location/time near you!

We want to hear from YOU!!!!

Click HERE to tell us how you are feeling about the start of the new school year....


Use this link to record your student's attendance from an OHVA event.

Don't forget to mark the time at a Face-to-Face event in your weekly attendance log!

Are you unsure how to send a kmail to multiple recipients? Click HERE for a short video tutorial!

Check back each week for different how to's!

Creating a Report and Using the Study Island Benchmark Test results for parents:

Parents/Learning Coaches and students can view their benchmark assessment scores at any time by creating a report. Parents must log into the students’ account using the student username and password to create and/or view a report. Please follow the directions below to create a benchmark assessment report.

Creating a Report and Using the Study Island Benchmark Test results:

  1. Log-in with the student account
  2. Click on My Reports
  3. Select Individual Summary Report
  4. Click on Benchmark Total – this produces an individual benchmark report for the parent for the subject
  5. Look at the % correct the student received in each of the areas (the # refers to how many questions were asked for each standard)
  6. The student should do extra practice on the standards in which they scored low—the parent can get an idea of specific indicators for each topic by looking at the completed lessons in the student account for each subject and which ones the students have received blue ribbons. (70% correct on total questions) The lesson topics without blue ribbons should be the highest priority in working toward mastery and/or extra practice.

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