Obstacles, Accomplishments, and more

What is exploration for?

Reasons for Exploration

1. Get riches

2. Spread Christianity

3. Claim territory in the New World

Which countries came to North America to explore?

1. England

2. Spain

3. France

Obstacles for Exploration

Obstacle 1

While the Europeans were sailing to the New World, they found it quite hard to figure out where they were going. But why? It was because they had inaccurate maps and poor navigational tools. Their main tools that they used were compasses for direction and cross staffs for locating latitude. Also, their maps were mostly wrong, so they were practically useless. So, they used things like schools of fish, birds, wind, and cloud types to figure out where in the world they were going.

Obstacle 2

Another obstacle that the explorers faced was that they were out of supplies. They only brought a few weeks-worth of supplies, and those type of journeys usually took way longer then that.

Obstacle 3

Obstacle 3 was that the explorers faced starvation and disease. Without enough supplies to last very long, many people starved. Also, since there was no fruit, vegetables, and fresh water supply, many explorers got sick.

When the explorers ran out of food, they usually ate uncooked rats and sawdust.

Obstacle 4

The fourth obstacle was the fear of the unknown. Many explorers were afraid of creatures such as sea monsters killing them, or falling off the edge of the earth. Others were afraid of violent storms, ferocious waves, or running aground.


1. The explorers made it to the New World

2. They claimed land

3. They traded goods with indians