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K-State's Take: Educating with iPads

The KSU College of Education has just implemented a requirement for students admitted to the COE. Starting in 2014, it will be a requirement to have an iPad. Students may see this as a downfall, considering an iPad can be quite costly, but the idea is that it will save students a great deal of money on textbooks. Of course, there are many, many more reasons. In the classes I have taken just this semester, we have used technology A LOT. This includes using iPad apps. Luckily, the COE has its own library, The Catalyst, where you can "check out" an iPad for class, as well as several other technological products.

Top 10 reasons to use technology in the classroom

Top 10 Reasons to Use Technology in Education: iPad, Tablet, Computer, Listening Centers
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Resources for using iPads in the Classroom:

  • Apple: Clearly, Apple supports it's product for educational use. Visit this website to find out about many educational features of the iPad, as well as effective learning apps.
  • Edudemic: Edudemic answers why and how Apple iPads should be used in the classroom.
  • iPads in Education: This website covers many aspects of the iPad and talks about why an iPod Touch won't suffice for using educational apps in the classroom.
  • iPad Educators: This forum discusses topics weekly about Apple technology.
  • iPads for Education: If you want to learn about implementing the use of an iPad in your classroom, this is a great resource.
  • Interaction Education: This website provides videos and guides about how to use an iPad for educational purposes.
  • Schrock's Guide: Schrock's Guide to Everything is a great help for learning how to use iPads for teaching and learning.
  • Teach Thought: This website is full of the 50 'best' resources for iPad use in the classroom.
  • Pinterest: Check out the many pins about iPad apps for the classroom.
  • Tech Crunch: Apple Has Sold Over 8M iPads Direct To Education Worldwide.

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