Deciduous Forest

By: Jesse Willson

Location & Climate

My favorite biome is the Deciduous forest biome and it is located near the ocean and they are primarily in the northern hemisphere.The climate of a Deciduous biome is pretty stable with the average temperature being 77 degrees Fahrenheit and the average rainfall being 250 cm of rain per year.

Flaura & Fauna

There are many types of plants located within a Deciduous forest biome. Some examples are: American beech trees, carpet moss, common lime, guelder rose, lady fern, northern arrow wood trees, pecans, shagbark hickory, tawny milkcap mushrooms, white birch, and white oaks.

This biome also has many different animals which are: American bald eagles, black bears, coyotes, platypus, chipmunks, squirrels, mice, weasels, and deer.