Best Practice: Reading and Writing

Brooke Schluchter EDU 560

Common Core State Standards for Reading

Key Ideas and Details

  • Read closely, Cite specific textual evidence
  • Determine ideas/themes, summarize key details
  • Analyze individuals/events/ideas development

Craft and Structure

  • Interpret words/phrases
  • Analyze structure of text
  • Assess Point of View

Integration of Knowledge and Ideas

  • Integrate and evaluate content through diverse media
  • Delineate and evaluate argument and claims
  • analyze and compare two or more texts

Range of Reading and Level Text Complexity

  • Read and comprehend complex texts independently

"Theres nothing like sharing a good book with friends."

Qualities of Best Practice in Teaching Writing

  • All children can and should write
  • Help students find real purposes to write and real audiences to reach
  • Help students exercise choice, take ownership, and assume responsibility
  • Provide opportunities for students to experience the complete writing process
  • Help students get started
  • Guide students as they draft and revise
  • Show students how writing is created
  • Lead students to learn the craft of writing
  • Confer with individual students on their writing
  • Teach grammar and mechanics in the context of actual writing
  • Provide a classroom context of shared learning
  • Support growth in writing English language learners
  • Use writing to support learning throughout the curriculum