Whitney Weekly Update

Make good memories everyday. 1/22/21

Upcoming Events!

Wednesday, 1/27: Early Release

Monday, 2/1: Modified Hybrid Schedule begins

Wednesday, 2/3: PTO Meeting 5pm

Friday, 2/12: Staff Professional Learning-- No School

Monday, 2/15: President's Day-- No School

Tuesday, 2/16: Staff Professional Learning-- No School

Modified Hybrid Schedule Starts 2/1

Beginning Monday, February 1st , we are planning to transition to a modified hybrid schedule, where remote Wednesdays will be removed, and students will be allowed to attend in-person classes on Wednesdays, depending on their cohort. Because of the number of holidays and professional learning days in February, it will not be a true “3/2 hybrid split,” as previously discussed.

Starting on February 1st, students in programs where they were previously permitted to attend in-person classes four days a week will then be permitted to attend five days a week, if desired. We will continue in this modified hybrid model for the entire month of February, concluding on February 26.

If you have a fully remote student that plans to return to school for the modified hybrid model, you must let the Whitney main office know by the end of the day on Wednesday, January 27th so that we can plan appropriately for your child's return to school.

If we've learned one thing over the past ten months, it's that the best laid plans can change at a moment's notice. If there is any change to our plans for February 1st and ultimately, our planned full return on March 1st, we will let you know as soon as possible.

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Building Security Drills

Like all schools in Connecticut, Eli Whitney holds at least one safety drill each month. Next week, students and staff in both Cohort A and B will participate in secure building drills. We know that our students and staff will do an incredible job!

Dress For Success

Kids do their best learning when they're comfortable. With the cold finally settling in and our ventilation system working overtime to ensure we have as much fresh air as possible in our classrooms, it's more important than ever that kids come dressed in warm layers. Whether outside at recess and mask breaks or doing the hard work of learning in their classrooms, warm kids are happy kids and happy kids are better able to learn!

The Importance of Attendance

Attendance is crucial to student success. Every study I've ever read regarding attendance shows that if a child isn't in school, they can't succeed at the same level as kids with solid attendance. Even as early as kindergarten, poor attendance has a direct correlation with negative lifelong outcomes.

It doesn't matter if it is an in-person day or a virtual day. If a student misses a lesson, they are missing the next step in the progression of the curriculum. While we are working a few weeks behind the normal pace we usually follow due to this year's late start, our staff is teaching to the same grade level standards expected by both the State and Federal government.

In addition to poor academic, social, and eventually economic outcomes, it is required that student attendance data be reported to the State of Connecticut. The overall data is used by the State to calculate our school rating, which in turn, directly impacts home values in Whitney neighborhoods. Individual data is tracked to ensure students and families are adhering to District and State attendance policies.

The bottom line is that attendance, both in-person and virtual, is a legal requirement that has lifelong implications for individual students as well as an economic impact on the community at large. Attendance is important.

Word of the Day!

The Word of the Day for Tuesday, January 19th was COMPOSITE. A composite number is a number that can be formed by multiplying two smaller positive numbers. It has at least one divisor other than 1 and itself.

The Word of the Day for Thursday, January 21st was IMITATE. To imitate is to follow a pattern, model or example. It also can mean to mimic someone; to be or appear like; or to resemble. You might imitate a favorite cartoon character by trying to speak in a similar voice. Or you might imitate your parents by playing dress up in their clothing.

The Word of the Day for Friday, January 22nd was STRATEGY. A strategy is a plan of action or a policy designed to achieve a major or overall goal. It can also be used to describe the art of planning operations. In math, it may be used when discussing a method or a trick to help students learn – such as counting on, doubles and doubles plus one.

Virtual Science Family Nights

Twig Education is offering free virtual family science nights. Here is the full lineup of field trips and family nights. All times are in Pacific Time Zone. Field trips and family nights for each week are the same sessions, just at different times.

  • Robot Spiders on the Moon… and More
    Tues, Feb 2—Field Trip 12 pm, Family Night 4:30 pm
    Thurs, Feb 4—Field Trip 2 pm, Family Night 6:30 pm

  • How Do You Track Polar Bears… and More
    Tues, Feb 9—Field Trip 12 pm, Family Night 4:30 pm
    Thurs, Feb 11—Field Trip 2 pm, Family Night 6:30 pm

  • Recycling Plastic from Tires… and More
    Tues, Feb 16—Field Trip 12 pm, Family Night 4:30 pm
    Thurs, Feb 18—Field Trip 2 pm, Family Night 6:30 pm

  • The Rats Detecting Landmines… and More
    Tues, Feb 23—Field Trip 12 pm, Family Night 4:30 pm
    Thurs, Feb 25—Field Trip 2 pm, Family Night 6:30 pm

To register, click here