I have a dream

By Ohndrea Stilwell

I have a dream.

I have a dream.

I have a dream about a world without name calling and teasing. I have a dream about a world without bullying.

It is obvious that in todays world, a lot of both adults and children believe that it’s okay to break people down and make them feel like they’re useless. They make them believe that they aren’t good enough just because they have a flaw or if they don’t fit into society's definition of beauty.

Now is the time to step in and become the change. We need to come in hand and hand to stop bullying.

Be the better person.

We will NEVER be happy,

We can never be happy in a world with bullies. No one is able to be happy when they feel like society is watching them under a microscope and judging them by every flaw.

I have a dream where everyone is truly created equal. All the blacks, whites, gays, etc should be able to get along without bullying one another for being different. If this happened, the suicide rate would drop and more people would be happy.

I have a dream today.

I have a dream that we change society and stop bullying. I want people to be able to walk outside feeling confident instead of scared because they didn’t want anyone to laugh at them.

I have a dream that my little children will come home from school everyday with huge smiles on their faces, instead of tears running down their cheeks.

I have a dream today.