Without fear, without sanity, that life is full of sweetness

Our company sells the best dessert in the world!

Our products are made with natural fruits, the best cookies in the market and the healthiest milk. Also desserts are sweetened with fructose in order to give our customers a delicious, delicate and nutritious food.

This product is intended for all people especially university students because it is a dessert that can be enjoyed with friends, boyfriends and acquaintances; in addition to its low costs allow you the best comfort to the consumer when making a plan of conquest or friends.

Our awesome products


Cometelo´s is a company dedicated to satisfy the cravings of own clients with the better products in the market highlight the quality, flavor, dedication of own desserts.


Cometelo´s has as vision being the company leader in the market, when it comes to desert being recognized worldwide for your flavor, texture and service offer

Selling points¡

Our product is the favorite because in spite of people bring joy and sweetness to life, not cloying, besides being nutritious and healthy for consumers. People buy this product from our high quality, originality and low costs, special and different touch to this product is that it is sweetened with fructose and uses no artificial preservatives


  • Feature: we act with puntuality and quality at the moment of deliver own products
  • Work in the group: Proceed with union and tolerance for calm the cravings of the clients.
  • Charisma: we work to provide our users the better ambient at the hour of enjoy a desserts.
  • Originality: we carry unique products made especially to attract customers


Nestor Martinez

Juan Rodriguez

Anggy Becerra

Stefanny Rivera