Major Organs

The Heart, Lungs, and Brain.

Your Brain

1. There are at least 5 parts of your Brain like, a "cerebellum".

2. Did you know? Did you know That a rats Brain is 5cm long?

3. Do you know that even touching your nose makes your Brain work hard?

4. Did you know? Did you know an adults Brain weighs around 3 pounds?

Your Lungs

1. Do you know that the parts of your Lungs near your Heart are called "Lobes".

2. In your Lungs there are blood vessels as thick as a pencil others are the size of your thumb.

3. Scientist think that the two biggest parts of your Lungs together contain about 300 million alveoli ( al-VEE-oh- lye.)

4. Did you know? Did you know that your Heart is right between your Lungs? In fact, blood vessels run directly from your Heart through your Lungs.

Your Heart

1.Did you know? Did you know that the blood from your Heart travels on the same path day after day?

2. Two very, very big veins enter your Heart to empty their blood in a right atrium(ai-trea- um.) Which is a hole in the right side of your Heart.

3. Scientist are working on new ways to make blood vessels grow in your Heart.

4.Did you know? Did you know that your Heart weighs between 9-12 ounces.

Pictures and a few more facts on The Human respiratory system!

The Human respiratory system

Credits, Human body

Look Inside; Your Brain. Ben Williams.

The Human body; The Heart. Susan H Gray.

The Human body; The Lungs. Susan H Gray.

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