The Russia and Ukrainian Languages

Olga Hengen

Why is this important?

Most people want to learn another language to help them when they go into a foreign country, but learning a language is harder than we think. Some languages may seem similar but the language differs based on the place. Ukrainean language may seem the same as Russian but it's actually different. What most people don't know is that Russians can't understand Ukraneans but Ukraneans can understand Russians.

Similarity and difference

As you can see that both the languages has similar aplhabets but Ukraine has more than Russia. That is because ukraine wanted to have a language different by a little bit from the Russians but they could understand them.

Olga Hengrn

I'm a high shcool student who created this for a class.

Russian in ukraine

The Russian language is the first language that most ukranian a learn when they are small. Russian is a mostly used language in Ukrainean pop culture and informal and business communications. It's worth noting that the ethnonyms "Ukraine" and "Ukrainian" were not used until the 19th century. Ukrainians understand Russian, but it's mostly due to the high exposure to the Russian language in media.


Ukrainians and Russians are very similar in many ways, but there is a few differences. The language is probably the most common difference. Like Russian and Belarussian, Ukrainian is an Eastern Slavic language. It is similar to Russian, but not identical. The Cultures are very close. The Ukrainian Language sound a lot softer than Russian(more polish) and uses a lager alphabet. Ukrainian grammar is simpler than the Russian one.

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