This Week in PreK


Week of April 4th, 2016

Hello families,

This week in Language Arts we met our last letter buddy, Spooky S! We practiced identifying the letter, writing it and listing S words (over 100!). We also worked on identifying the sp- blend heard in word like "space", "spaghetti" and "spot". We read space books and painted our own planets. Students used sight words to write about their planet. We wrote space words using magnets and whiteboards. We also added a journal entry for the letter S.

In Math we made constellations and counted the amount of stars. Students wrote "I have_stars". We used "moon rocks" to work on addition and subtraction skills. We also built rockets using unifix cubes. Students identified numbers and built unifix cube rockets with the specific number.

In Science we learned all about the Solar System! We explored the space theme box and used different toys to build rockets. We learned many space facts through reading. We colored in the planets and arranged them in the solar system.

Next week we will begin a three week plant unit!

Thanks for being so supportive during this difficult week. Have a nice weekend. Let us know if you need anything.


Ms. Steinberg and Mr. Alex

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