Where the city never sleeps!

What You Need to Know

Where is it? Southern South America

What's the weather like? Average temperature: 39-88 degrees. Rainfall throughout the year (100cm). Hot and humid in the summer, damp and chilly in the winter.

What's the climate like? The beautiful thing about Argentina is there is a ton of different climates in this huge country! It is mostly temperate climate; arid in the Southeast, subarctic in the Southwest.

Physical Characteristics: The Pampas, Iguazu Falls, and Rio de la Plata.

How to Fit In

What language do they speak? Spanish

What are some folkways? Argentines often greet by kissing on the cheek, even with strangers. Physical contact is very important. Seeing a psychologist is completely normal and even encouraged! Direct, blunt communication and poking fun about your weight or clothes is a norm, so don't take it offensively.

What's a taboo? Pouring wine with your left hand is considered an insult. There is very specific rituals including wine pouring.

What is a value? Family, especially extended family is very valued. They often meet for holidays and sometimes even every Sunday for family dinners. They also value the Tango.

Digging Deeper

Subcultures: Argentina has 23 providences. It also has two major political parties, the Justicialist Party and the Radical Civic Union.

Cultural Landscape: Futbol (soccer) is a very important aspect of Argentinean culture. Beef and pasta are also the most common foods that are eaten.

Cultural Diffusion: British and Spanish architecture are prominent in Argentina. Railroad neighborhoods and train station represent British architecture while adobe walls and central patios represent Spanish architecture.

Culture Change: Instead of the previous social gathering place, plazas, malls are being built and used as the place where people meet to hang out.

Come and check it out for yourself!

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