A Christmas Carol

By Charles Dickens

The book The Christmas Christmas by Charles Dickens is a very creative story. I love how it includes ghosts and the past, present, future all in one book. In the beginning it is very very descriptive so you know what things look like. So when Marley was described I could picture him like he was right in front of me. In addition you can also feel a lot of Scrooges emotions when they are in his past. When you went to a sad part of his past you could tell he was really connected to that person or object. This book also helped me a lot with learning what Christmas was like in the time period. So there was no Santa and a lot of the towns people were poor at the time. Finally at the end of the book you can really see how much Scrooge has changed. Before the ghosts had visited him Scrooge was a grumpy old man and at the end he's a kind and giving old man. So that's why you should read A Christmas Carol!


This book has a lot to do with sacrifice. In the book Scrooge had to give up his past and present. Sometimes when you want to Chang you have to give up what's going on know and what happened before. One time I had to sacrifice my money to give to the humane society. I think sacrifice is very important because it helps us realize that we have a lot more than most people have. Thank you for reading!