Emerging Technology

Naara Gonzalez

Bring your own device

a. Describe technology and how it works

b. Describe what need this technology is fulfilling

c. Describe how this technology can be used to help businesses

d. Describe how this technology can be used to help humans

e. Describe the safety concerns of this technology from multiple points of view

f. Your thoughts on the life of the technology (how long will it last- when will it become obsolete?)

g. What is the cost of the technology? (Dollar amount, privacy, social cost, psychological, etc.)

h. Include a “Works Cited” slide with your references for this project

Bring your own device


a. Schools allow students to bring their own devices to school for work.

b. It is cheaper and more accessible. "It is worth the risks", said Eric (from the video)

c. It helps teachers to get work done quicker. they also don't have to schedule lab days.

d. It helps students learn more

e. They may need to block some websites and stuff like that.

f. I think it may last for a long time

g. It depends on what you buy. It also depends on the school since there may be some students that can't afford them

h. Work cited: Some from the video, the rest is from my mind.

Naara Gonzalez

Bring Your Own Device
Bring Your Own Device