GRASP Highlights

May 2016

Enjoy Some Good News, Brought to you by Your Support

Meet Sam Squyars

Sam Squyars, Chesterfield County Cosby High School Class of 2010, was awarded his first GRASP Last Dollar Scholarship when he was a high school senior. Sam, now a graduate of Christopher Newport University, will soon receive a master's degree from Oregon State University. He recently wrote about GRASP's impact on his education.

"Even before starting college, GRASP was instrumental in helping me and my family navigate how to pay for college, and as a first-generation college student, this help was especially helpful to meet with a GRASP advisor during my senior year of high school. During my undergrad career at Christopher Newport University, GRASP provided me a scholarship throughout my four years and this was especially helpful when my Dad was diagnosed with cancer. Every bit of support that GRASP provided was instrumental in me finishing my degree. After I graduated from CNU, I decided to pursue a master's degree in student affairs and higher education at Oregon State University. I do not think I would have been able to persist through college if it wasn't for the support of GRASP and the College Success Scholarship, and I would not be about to finish my master's degree if it wasn't for GRASP and their support during my undergrad. I am so thankful for GRASP and the role the organization has played in helping me achieve my educational goals."

Meet Quinton Pace

Speaking of Christopher Newport University, recently Goochland High School Advisor Laurie Deadrick posed for a picture with Quinton Pace, one of her students who is about to graduate from college. Thank you to our Goochland "secret donor" whose philanthropy brings GRASP to Goochland High School. This generosity has allowed students like Quinton, pictured here with Ms. Deadrick, to receive GRASP advising services critical to securing the funds to attend post-secondary education. In addition to Ms. Deadrick's advising assistance, Quinton received his first Last Dollar Scholarship in 2012.

Quinton recently updated us on his future plans saying he will graduate with a Bachelors in Cellular, Molecular, and Physiological Biology this May and hopes to continue his education at Virginia Commonwealth University, The Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine, or Eastern Virginia Medical School for their Biomedical Sciences Program.

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Young Professionals Give Back

Young Professional Committee Co-chairs Dr. Sarah Scarbrough and the Honorable Levar Stoney arranged a fun evening at Strangeways Brewery in April. Committee members and guests (pictured above) enjoyed local craft beer while forming connections for a great cause, adopting the GRASP program at Hanover County's Lee Davis High School in honor of the late Dr. Bill Bosher. Morsal Sayer, who will graduate from VCU this month, provided compelling testimony about GRASP's role in her college success.
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Sharpening the Saw

King and Queen County GRASP Advisor Percy Pollard engaged in GRASP's Spring Training in April. When it is time to complete forms, interpret tax returns and application requirements, advisors apply the knowledge learned from GRASP’s extensive advisor training to give hands-on help to students or their parents.
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Co-Founder Sees GRASP in Action

GRASP Co-Founder, Senator Walter Stosch (pictured center), recently had the opportunity to see GRASP Advisor Phenie Golatt (pictured right) in action at the City of Richmond's George Wythe High School. Thank you to the students and staff for the warm welcome!