Theodore Roosevelt

26th president

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Before President

Theodore Roosevelt was born Oct 27, 1858 in New York. His mom Martha Roosevelt almost died that day which made his dad Theodore Roosevelt really scared. He had no brothers or sisters but when he grew up he attend Harvard University and Columbia University law school. His religion was Dutched Reformed and he got Married to, two people Alice ly and Eadath Caro. When he grew up he worked as a Officer in the national Guard and a New York police commissioner. Then Alice ly had a baby and named it after here self Alice then she died giving birth then he got married to Eadath caro and had 4 kids Theodore Roosevelt Jr, Kermit Ethel, Archibal and Quentin.

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During Presidency

Theodore Roosevelt was president ever since 1901-1909 that was 8 years which means 2 terms and his political party was Republican.