Spotlight on Willis Techy Teachers!

Volume III - May 10, 2013

Another Great Week For Technology!

We love to hear how much everyone is using technology! After we sent out the first two newsletters, we began hearing from more and more of you about the great things going on in your classroom! We love being a part of your classes! Please keep us informed about all of your great lessons and projects!

eBeam! Featuring: Mrs. Sue Redman

Mrs. Redman, a teacher at Turner, received an eBeam this year. The eBeam turns a dry erase board into an interactive white board. One of Mrs. Redman's students, Johnny Zumarraga (pictured on the left) is using the eBeam pen to practice his spelling words on Spelling City's hangman. Brandon Knight (pictured on the right) from Mrs. Redman's class is using the eBeam blackberry control to type his spelling words on Spelling City's teach and test activity.

Animoto! Featuring: Coach Tammy Schneider

Coach Schneider, from Parmley Elementary, used technology in a great way this week. She attended a mini workshop on animoto (which was presented by her iCoach) this week and she took her knowledge and ran with it. She was able to create an animated slideshow for the School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC). The video focused on PALS (Physically Active Local Students) and was presented at the school board meeting by Coach Schneider and Coach Charlene Barbara. If you know the coaches at Parmley, then you know that they are a true team. Coach Schneider said it best when she said "we both could not be the team we are without each others talent, ideas, creativity and passion for our job." To view the animoto video click on this link:

Stop Motion! Featuring: Mrs. Jodi Christie

Mrs. Christie's 5th grade students at Cannan Elementary have been working on creating a stop motion movie. The students wrote fractured fairy tales. Then they created their characters from their story using items such as clay or even gummy bears. After creating their characters, they used the school's android tablets to record and create a stop motion movie. The students will wrap up the project by adding subtitles and music to their videos. Mrs. Christie has enjoyed working on this project and has really appreciated the help that she has received from her team!

Research! Featuring Mrs. Sharon Cooper

Mrs. Cooper’s third grade class at A.R. Turner is enjoying using the tablets to research the states in the U.S. Each student chose a state that they would like to learn more about. They were to research the climate patterns, history, famous people, points of interest, state flower, state bird, and fun places to visit. The students tried several different websites to learn different ways to locate information on the internet.

Devices! Featuring: The Device DIVAs

This year we received a grant which allowed our 8th graders at both middle school campuses to have the opportunity to receive a device for school and home use. Our "Device Divas" helped students get devices, get connected, get repairs and with any other issue that they may have faced with our devices. Mrs. Potter, Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Broome were crucial to the success of this program and we appreciate all of their hard work!

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