French Algeria

by Georgia Coffman, Beth Jenkins, Ronan O'Connor

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When colonization began and how it happened

French landed in Algeria in 1830 and easily overpowered the Algerian governor

French started process of colonization in Algeria and by 1880s the European population of Algeria was more than 350,000

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How was this colony governed? Who was in control?

French Algeria was under indirect rule with appointed governors to rule certain area

The French government was in control of the colony

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Major imports & exports

Economical reasoning behind colonization of French Algeria was to develop Algerian agriculture producing wines and citrus fruits for exports to France

More than four fifths of the country is taken up by the Sahara Desert (hottest deset in the world) and is unavailable for agricultural use

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What was life like for the native people?

Algeria is a predominantly Muslim country and the Muslim population was discriminated against and not accepted by the European settlers, esp. in schools

Terrorist violence was common in French Algeria

French soldiers would often rape young women and children

Veterans: The French in Algeria

Resistance Movements

Many terrorist outbreaks

The FLN uprising- National Liberation Front

Phillipeville Massacre- French army tried to resettle 2 million villagers to try and separate the FLN group

The battle of Algiers- FLN had 3 female agents plant bombs across popular cities, then in the spring of 1957 the FLN blew up the bombs and attacked the townspeople

The Algerian War- independence movement

A Very Dirty War - Algeria

How and when the colony gained independence

French Algeria gained independence on July 3, 1962

The war of independence started in Aures mountains in 1954 with guerrilla warfare. The French responded to this uprising as an act of treason and responded with massive force. In 1959 Charles Day Gaulle declared that Algerians were independent, despite terrorist attacks by French Algerians opposed to Algeria's independence an agreement was signed in 1962 and Algeria was declared free!

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