Teen Issues

Pregnancy, Drug Use, Alcohol Use, Anxiety, Peer Pressure

Teen Pregnancy

In 2013 275,000 children were born to women ranging from age 15-19. Also, 20,000 girls give birth per day. Generally unplanned, teenage pregnancy will affect life all around, ranging from possibly dropping out of school, to health care. Usually caused by lack of contraception, or increased sexual activity. Also, economic and social factors may influence pregnancy, although the social stigma related to teen pregnancy is usually unwanted.

Teen Drug Use

16% of 12th graders reported daily use of marijuana, 3.6% of 12th graders reported to pop molly, 8% of 12th graders reportedly abuse over the counter prescriptions. Using these drugs usually go hand in hand with other issues, such as anxiety and alcohol use. Also, many teen drug users will become addicts and future drug users later in life. Lastly, peer pressure may influence drug use in these activities, that may lead to usage of alcohol, or even crime in some extreme cases.

Teen Alcohol Use

In 2013 25% of teenagers age 14-20 drink occasionally, underage binge drinking is reported by 14% of teenagers. Also, this activity is usually taken place behind closed doors in a controlled environment. Most teens typically drink before their activities or pre-partying. Most report drinking simply to have a good time or to fit in with friends. It is legal for parents to provide children alcohol in a closed environment in 31 states. Underage drinking may lead to alcohol addiction later in life, or possibly other issues, such as suicide and possibly anxiety.

Teen Anxiety

9% of teens reported having anxiety, i believe this number is much higher, every teen faces the issue of anxiety at on point in life, whether it be over school, or relationships. Some report a feeling of hopelessness, which could possibly lead to suicide in some cases. Anxiety may affect all aspects of life, whether it be eating, sleeping, and may lead to other issues in life. Anxiety is usually experienced by every person at one point in time. Lastly, many teens blame lack of care by parents or guardians or even relationships for high anxiety, even stress from school and/or work.

Teen Peer Pressure

Peer pressure faces nearly every American teen at one point in time. Only 9% of American teens reported not being influenced by peer pressure. Most teens report giving in to peer pressure, and giving in to what is expected of them, and to fit in, or boost their social life. Peer pressure can influence anything, from drinking, to something as simple as driving. Peer pressure occurs throughout America, from upscale gated communities, to low income housing. Peer pressure occurs when a teen is persuaded into taking part in a specific activity.
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