Calculations with Percents

Hunter Kassinger

Taxes, Tips, and Mark Ups

All of the things above are calculated by finding the percent of the number and then adding it to the original number.


My example of tax is starts at a car dealer. The car costs 24,999 with a 7.00% tax, which is $1749.93. So the car with tax costs $26748.93.


I went to Applebee's where my meal costs $25.67 before tip. I decided to give a 20% tip so the tip is $5.13. The total with tip is $30.80.

Mark Ups

My example of Mark up is a shoe store gets a new pair of shoes for $130 but they sell them for $160. So they marked them up $30. They marked it up 23.1%


Discounts are calculated by finding a percent of a number and then subtracting it from the original price.


My example for discounts are I have a coupon 10% off of a $10.00 purchase. 10% of $10 is $1 so I got a discount of $1.


A percent of a number


A car salesman get a percent of how much the car costs. He gets 10% of a car that costs $10,000 so he gets $1,000 of commission.