Chasing Lincolns Killer

By James L. Swanson


The story Chasing Lincolns Killer is about capturing John Wilkes Booth. This book is very detail with good informational pictures and won’t leave you blank. James L. Swanson is really good with describing manhunt books. This book shows it’s all about timing and close moves. It is real intense up in till the best part. It all begins with the Union’s victory over the Confederacy. Then John Wilkes Booth became upset about that and wanting to kill the president. Later on booth got what he wanted and assassinated Abraham Lincoln. Now people are furious and sad and the shocked nation wanted answers and the killer found. The manhunt was on and the chase began.

Timeline up until the capture

It started with the union winning the Civil War which made John Wilkes Booth angry. Second Booth got an idea to kill President Abraham Lincoln. Then Booth got word that the president is coming to Fords Theater by his house and Booth is an actor so he knows a lot of plays. Next Booth has someone hold his horse. Midway through the play booth kills the president and in the mist of it breaks his leg. Following that Booth goes to Maryland but the guards aren’t supposed to let him in and they do so now he’s on the way to Dr.Mudds house to get his leg treated. Later on Booth is still running from the Calvary and meets some Confederates along the way and they go to Garrets farm. Last but definitely not least the Calvary catches Booth for his last stand battle and he gets shot and killed.

Cause and effect

John Wilkes Booth broke his leg during the assassination as a result his escape from the man hunters became harder and he got his leg treated at Dr.Mudds Farm. Another one is when he assassinated Abraham Lincoln reasons for it made people sad and shocked that that happened so it made people on high alert. In then the manhunt ended so that is a good affect because people are happy the assassins caught but also the other five conspirators were caught to for helping in on the plot

Compare and contrast

The two people I will be comparing are John Wilkes Booth and Lewis Powell. First Lewis Powell Is one of the assassin’s like Booth. Lewis Powell died by getting hanged. While Booth died by getting shot at Garrets farm. In then Lewis Powell murdered the secretary of state and the main one was when Booth assassinated Abraham Lincoln. Both of them killed two important people in America also they were in the conspirators group together.