Influential Products

By Josh, Brock, and Ethan


PlayStation was created and developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. PlayStation originated in Japan in 1994 when they launched the original PlayStation. Now it consists of 4 consoles, media center, an online service and more. PlayStation has a positive impact on people because it has came up with numerous was to entertain people.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds The idea for the game "Angry birds" originated when the CEO of finish studio was looking at a picture of an angry bird.Angry birds is a positive because it provides entertainment.


The Oreo started a biscuit to compete with another famous biscuit company.That biscuit was the Oreo. The Oreo is positive and negative because there not good for you but there food.


Adidas was originally created for athletes to run in them. Now they are used for normal shoes and athletic shoes. Adidas is Positive because it provides protection for you feet so they don't get hurt and dirty.


Nike was originally was called blue ribbon sports. Nike was founded by the University or Oregon track athlete Phil Knight in 1964. Nike has a positive affect on people because they provide us clothing and shoes.

Dr. Pepper

Dr.Pepper originated in Waco, Texas. It was invented by a man named Charles Alderton in the 1880's. It was has a negative effect on peopl it is high in calories, but positive effect because it has caffine


The first Xbox was introduced in 2001. It was a huge success, and there have been two more models made. It has a positive effect on people because it makes people happy, but it has a negative effect on people because it can cause obesity.