Religion/ belief systems

How they lived their lives based on what they believed in.


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Hinduism was a religion founded in India and by the Aryans. Hinduism had many religious books but the main one was the Vedas. Its polytheistic and they have guidelines to their everyday life such as karma and dharma. Karma is the saying "what comes around goes around" meaning that if you do something good something good will happen to you. It also means that if you do something good your whole life you'll get reincarnated into a higher caste system which is something else that they believe in. Dharma is the set of laws that dictates what people are allowed to do in their everyday life it is also the balance to the world, so for instance people are not allowed to use violence at all and are not even allowed to hurt a bug because it'll bring them bad karma. Moksha is the final resting place of the soul and they get their from if their souls lifetime is over. Hinduism didn't spread all that far from India as it is mainly practiced there.

How Hinduism affects a daily Hindus life.

Hinduism completely affects the daily life of a Hindu. Everything they do in their daily life is for Hinduism. Like how they have to be good to every living creature and cannot express violence in any sort of way, not even to a bug. Doing so makes their karma good and when they die they get reincarnated to a higher part of the caste system. They also have to follow dharma to achieve this because it is the rules to what you can and cannot do. But if you were to do something bad like steal your soul cannot be cleansed unless you go to one of the few sacred spots to get it cleansed. If you do not get it cleansed or the god does not accept that you got cleansed you move to a lower part of the caste and if you continue this bad behavior you eventually go to the bottom which are the outcasts. Also if you continuously have good behavior and your souls lifetime is up it'll go to the final resting place moksha. Not only that but it also affects what you work as and who you marry. You can only marry the people of your caste and can only work in certain jobs in certain castes.
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Buddhism started in Lumbini, Nepal and was founded by Siddhartha Gautama. It spread from the northeastern region of the Indian subcontinent through Central, East, and Southeast Asia. Buddhism isn't counted as a religion more of a practice as it has no god just the main founder. The 8 folded path was a guide of behavior and their code of conduct and is 8 ways to end ones suffering. the Tripitaka, Mahayana Sutras, and the Tibetan Book are the three main Buddhist religious books. They practice and believe in the four noble truths which is Siddhartha's ideas that life is filled with suffering because people have selfish desires. Nirvana was the ultimate goal of releasing a person from selfishness and pain and is the final resting place.

How Buddhism affects a Buddhists life

Buddhism affects a Buddhists daily life tremendously. They have to meditate everyday and try to only eat vegetables so they aren't personally harming any animals. They also have to make sure they're following the 8 folded path and the 4 noble truths to free and cleanse their souls from pain and suffering. Once done and after passing if clean their soul gets put into Nirvana the final resting place.
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Chinese Ethical systems

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Chinese ethical systems started in china and was founded by Confucious and 3 philosophers (Shang Yang, Li Si, and Hanfeizi). Confucianism was the one founded by Confucious which he believed in social order and respect to others. the practiced filial piety which is the respect of parents and elders. They also practice the 5 relationships father and son, elder to younger brother, husband to wife, ruler to subject and friend to friend. Daoism is the rules of confucianism and its that people should accept the way of nature rather than resisting it. The main books of confucianism (lun yu, chung yung, ta hsueh, meng tzu). Confucianism did not spread to anywhere but china. The final resting place of one is TIan. legalism is the other belief in China. It was the belief that government should control everything and they should give rewards to those who followed rules and severely punish those who don't.

How confucianism affected ones daily life

Confucianism affected ones daily life in a couple of ways. They had to constantly respect their elders. Daoism is the naturalistic idea of how people should live their lives. there's also legalism where the people really dont get much freedom but rather that the government controls it all and if you obey the laws you get rewarded but if you disobey you get severely punished.
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Judaism was founded by Abraham it started in Canaan also known as Israel. the holy book is shared between the Jewish and the Christians and is known as the bible. They also had the Torah which was a holy book filled with sacred writings. It spread all over the place and can really be found anywhere in the world today. They only believed in one god. They also had the 10 commandments which were given by god to Moses who then shared it with the people who left Egypt. Many Jewish people go to pray to god in a synagogue which is sort of like a temple. The after life could mean many different things to a Jewish person. Some believe that they go to christian heaven while others believe that they get reincarnated.

how Judaism affects the Jewish peoples lives

Judaism affects their lives in many different ways. They have to make sure they're following the 10 commandments and going to the synagogue to pray. They also cant eat some foods most known one being bacon. Not only that they sometimes have to wear different clothing throughout the day whether its eating praying or reciting blessings.
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Christianity was founded by a man named Jesus. It was started in Judea and spread around the world quickly from a man named Paul. It is currently the worlds largest religion at around 2.4 billion people practicing it. Their beliefs were to only believe in one god, to accept that Jesus is the savior, and to treat others how you would want to be treated. The holy book was the bible which had two parts the old and new testament. their practices are going to church, to read the bible, to pray, and to celebrate religious holidays. Their 10 commandments were their code of conduct. Their final resting place was either heaven or hell.

How Christianity affected the daily lives of its followers

Christianity affects the lives of its followers greatly in many different ways. One way is that they have to pray to their lord and savior and go to church every Sunday. Some forms of Christianity you also cannot marry someone that is the same gender of you and you cannot have sex until you're married. Also you're suppose to read the bible daily and believe in it. Not only that but you also have to make sure you're following the ten commandments and not disobeying them. one last way is you're not allowed to say the lords name in vein at any point. Some of these conflict with the laws we have in our sates and country today so there is some debate over some of them which is why it not only just affects Christians but it affects all who live in that state.
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Islam was founded by a guy named Muhammad. It started in Mecca when Muhammad heard God speak to him about this religion. Islam is the worlds 2nd most practiced religion at around 2.2 billion people (behind Christianity). Their main belief is to only believe in one god (being Allah). People of Mecca forced Muhammad out of Mecca because they feared that his ideas would lead to neglect the traditional Arabian gods. He later returned to Mecca with a group of his followers and conquered it making everyone there practice Islam. In doing so, it brought about his main practices, the 5 pillars. The 5 pillars are tasks that muslims are required to do in order to be brought into heaven. They are to believe in Allah and only Allah, to pray 5 times a day, support the poor, fast in the holy month between dawn and sunset, and to take a trip atleast once in their life time to Mecca. The holy book of the Islams is the Qur'an and they are asked to read it once a day. The code of conduct for the muslims is in the qur'an, it tells what they should do and how they are suppose to live life.

How Islam affects the daily lives of its followers

Islam affects the daily lives of its followers in numerous ways. one of them being that they cant eat any kind of pork. this limits the types of food they are allowed to have and separates it from other cultures and religions. The next is that they should try to pray 5 times a day to show commitment to their god. Another way it affects their life is that another man cannot be left alone with another mans wife. This might make it difficult for them to live in apartments with other married men/women. Not only that but they also have to read their holy book every night just like the other religions. They also have to make sure they're following the 5 pillars. Unfortunately you also got the people who show racism to others especially after terrorist bombings even though that's not the true Islamic way. Some (like Donald Trump) are running for president and want to kick these people who did nothing wrong out of the country which impacts their life significantly. Practicing Islam has great affect on your life and is very tough at times to follow through with everything but it is a very relaxing and peaceful religion once you really start to follow.
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